Year 6 snowboarder builds his Paralympic dream

Fans of Eddie the Eagle don’t come better than younger Paralympic* hopeful Jarvis Smoker.

Year 6 snowboarder builds his  Paralympic dream

The Sydney boy, 12, has watched the 2016 film about British ski leap underdog* Eddie Edwards time and time again.

Inspired via Eddie’s not going course to the Winter Olympics, Jarvis is now dreaming of his very own exceptional carrying moment: representing Australia in snowboarding at the 2026 Winter Paralympics in Italy.

Jarvis has shared his dream in a heartwarming video he has entered in the twelfth annual Focus on Ability worldwide brief movie festival, which ambitions to increase recognition of simply what these with incapacity can achieve.

His video entry, titled “Jivi’s Ability”, is gaining world interest – along with a publish on the message board from Eddie the Eagle himself.

The message reads: “Hello Jarvis. Just considered your video of your story so some distance … amazing. I hope you go from power to power and gain your ambition of competing at the Winter Olympics. I’m happy you like the movie Eddie the Eagle. I cherished it, they did a incredible job. Take care and properly luck, Eddie.”

Young Paralympic hopeful Jarvis Smoker
Jarvis Smoker hopes to compete in the 2026 Winter Paralympics in snowboarding. He tells his story in a shifting video he as entered in the Focus on Ability worldwide brief movie opposition that ambitions to increase cognizance of the…
Edwards famously had a difficult hostilities to be allowed to compete at and qualify* for the Winter Olympics in the ski jump.

Jarvis’s purpose of representing Australia in snowboarding is simply as bold* – but even extra difficult due to the fact of his genetic* condition.

Eddie 'The Eagle' in mid-flight
Eddie “the Eagle” Edwards competes in the ski bounce at the 1988 Winter Olympic Games in Calgary, Canada, in 1988. Picture: Bob Thomas/Getty Images
“His circumstance is referred to as 16p 11.2 deletion syndrome,” stated mum Sophie Smoker. “It’s observed in about three in 10,000 people.

“It can purpose a vary of one-of-a-kind bodily and mental impairments*, however for him it motives low muscle tone, mild developmental extend and troubles with co-ordination, which is what makes game so hard.”

Such difficulties haven’t deterred* Jarvis, who has desired to play group sports activities and compete due to the fact the age of four.

After attempting soccer, rugby, tennis, boxing, karate, water polo and jiu-jitsu over the years, closing yr Jarvis determined that his circumstance is recognized in a classification* for Para Snowboarding competitions. This potential he can compete towards different snowboarders who have the equal condition, making it a a great deal fairer competition.

His lifelong ardour for collaborating in recreation now has a clear goal.

“What receives him there is his determination, resilience and grit,” Ms Smoker said. “He simply receives up and maintains going, and receives up and maintains going, and receives up and continues going.

“He’s exceptionally decided … he known as me one day saying, ‘I nearly got here 2nd last’ – in the simplest, most lovely tone of proper excitement, he was once clearly excited that he almost bought 2nd last.”

The Smoker family: from left mum Sophie, dad Rupert, Jarvis, 12, and Austin.

His mum, dad Rupert and youthful brother Austin, 11, have led Jarvis’s cheer squad, accompanying him to speech, bodily and occupational remedy appointments all his life.

Ms Smoker stated carers, coaches and their neighborhood neighborhood in Sydney’s internal west had constantly been an “amazing” aid – which includes neighborhood dad and cameraman Reiner Schuster, who donated his time and intelligence to make Jarvis’s video.

Jarvis is decided to make it to the 2026 Winter Paralympics in Italy and has shared his dream in a video despatched to the Focus on Ability global brief movie festival. Picture: supplied.
“We’ve simply grown up in this community,” Ms Smoker said. “But for the dads, the mums and the nearby kids, he would now not be the youngster he is. They’ve simply given him so a great deal help and confidence.”

Since the video went live, the household has been stopped in the avenue by means of dad and mom and youngsters who discover Jarvis’s instance inspiring.

“It is a bit of a brilliant spot in what has been a difficult year,” Ms Smoker said. “It’s 

exquisite uplifting and it has clearly struck a chord, inspiring the children to actually exhibit willpower and grit, and set a intention and go for it.”