Which sport should I choose for my child?

At 3, 5 or 10 years old, the sport that suits your child will not be the same. we help you choose the sport activity best suited to your toddler according to his age and character.

Which sport should I choose for my child?

Boy or girl, big or small, calm or restless ... how to choose the sport that will suit your child best?

 the question of registration in a sports club is already looming on the horizon. And sometimes it is difficult to find a sport in which your child can thrive on the first try. We must take the time to make him try several sports, in line with his age, his size, but also his desires and his tastes so that sporting activity does not cease to rhyme with pleasure.

For children aged 3 to 6: The "BABY SPORT"

 The little ones can start sports activities when they return to kindergarten. But be careful: at this age, team games remain very difficult, because the child is still very centered on himself. Offer him games of balls, hoops or accompany him to baby swimming sessions. In all cases, promote gentle and varied activities that respect both his development and his rest periods, essential for his age.

 For children aged 6 to 9:

 From the age of six, psychomotor development progresses in children. It is at this age that the regular practice of a sport can start. It is important to promote so-called symmetrical sports, which work equally on the left side and the right side of the body. This is for example the case of gymnastics, swimming, dancing, horse riding or even skating and skiing. Children between the ages of six and nine can also learn ball sports little by little, as their team spirit begins to develop. They usually try it in elementary school, which allows them to refine their preferences.

 For children age 10 and over:

From 10 years old, the child can practice combat sports and team sports, provided that the training respects his physical capacities and remains fun. Children can try different disciplines to find the one they like the most. Is he giving up one sport in favor of another? Never mind, this change should not be seen as a failure. On the contrary, this turnaround will allow him to make a better informed choice. Because each personality can correspond to a different sport:

 Your child lacks self-confidence. Ball and shuttlecock sports such as tennis, table tennis, or badminton but also climbing will allow him to work on his confidence. Horseback riding will also allow a reserved child to assert himself and open up.

 Your child is full of energy. Offer him an endurance sport: ball game (football, handball, basketball ...), athletics or swimming. Tennis, judo or fencing will also allow your child to better control this overflow of energy.

 Your child is calm by nature. No need to push him to play a rough sport. Dancing, gymnastics or certain martial arts may be suitable for him.

 Your child has trouble concentrating. Dancing, gymnastics and climbing offer children the opportunity to develop their concentration skills.

 Your child enjoys competition. Horse riding, tennis, judo, as well as combat sports and martial arts, will give him the opportunity to measure himself against other children, while teaching him respect for the opponent.

 Your child has asthma. Contrary to popular belief for a long time, sport is strongly recommended for children who suffer from asthma, especially sports that work the breath such as swimming, cycling, football or athletics.

 Later, from the age of 13, the teenager can turn to team sports, martial arts and combat sports on his own, which will help him channel his energy or possible aggressiveness. At this age, he will then be old enough to choose on his own the sports discipline in which to flourish.