The ugly Duck

It is a beautiful summer day. The sun shines warmly on an old house near a river. Behind the house a mother duck is sitting on ten eggs. "Tchick." One by one all the eggs break open. All except one. This one is the biggest egg of all.

The ugly Duck

The Ugly Duck

On a stunning summer time day, a household of geese is taking a swim whilst some other is playing a stroll by way of the bank. But one duck is sitting on her eggs amongst the tall leaves. I marvel when my toddlers are going to come out. They are taking so lengthy to hatch! It is so lonely, no one has the time to go to me. But Mommy duck didn’t have to wait too long. Soon the eggs started out cracking and the little ducklings began taking small unsteady steps out of the shells. Quack quack, quack quack. Oooh,

my infants are so beautiful! Now come and line up right here all of you. One..Two..Three..Four…Five..Hey, there ought to be one more. Mother duck regarded around, and noticed one egg which had now not but hatched I suppose I will have to sit down once more on this egg until it hatches. It appears especially large. Soon the remaining egg hatched, however the duckling that crept out was once giant and ugly. This little fellow doesn’t appear like his brothers and sisters. The subsequent day, Mother Duck leads her brood to the water. Oh! I am proud these days that my ducklings are swimming so well! And how properly the youngest one is swimming. Come on kids, that’s ample for today. We ought to get to the farm earlier than it turns dark.

The duck household makes its way to the farmhouse, the place there are a lot of different ducks. What is that bizarre searching creature doing here? The different ducklings are so lovable however this one is so large and ugly.

-He is ugly.

-We don’t favor him here.

-That’s no longer a pleasant component to say.

-He is nevertheless small, and I’m certain he will develop up to be stunning too.

But the different ducklings endured to bully and make exciting of the unpleasant duckling.

-I hope the ducklings end this nonsense.

-I can’t undergo to see that negative baby searching so sad.

But as days went by, matters commenced turning into worse for the unpleasant duckling. Wherever he went, every body used to be imply to him.

-Have you ever considered whatever uglier than this? Uff! Seeing this creature in the morning, my day will additionally be as unpleasant as he is.

-Ha..Ha…he appears to be getting uglier by means of the day.

The Ugly Duckling simply desired to cover someplace and cry. Even his brothers and sisters had been impolite to him.

-Don’t come close to us. Go away!

-I want the cat comes and takes you.

Mother Duck used to be very unhappy to see every person deal with the unsightly ducking so badly.

-Nobody needs to discuss to me or play with me due to the fact I am ugly. I will run away from here. So the unsightly duckling flew over the fence of the farmyard, and persisted flying until he noticed a giant moor. He determined to spend the night time there.

-I am so tired. I suppose I will spend the night time here. Next morning, the unsightly duckling woke up to the sound of loud quacking. He opened his eyes and noticed a flock of wild ducks.

-Who are you?

-What are you doing here?

-Can I please continue to be right here for a while?

-I have nowhere to go. You are ugly….(a lengthy pause) Stay here, however don’t get in our way.

The Ugly Duckling stayed on the moor for a few days. He felt lonely, however no one bullied him or damage him due to the fact of his looks.

One morning, the duckling heard a noise like a huge bang. He lay still, too scared to move. When he in the end lifted his head and seemed around, all the different geese had fled.

The unpleasant duckling additionally fled from the moor as speedy as it could. It flew as quickly as its younger wings would take him. However, abruptly there used to be thunder and lightning, scaring the little duckling.

- Brrr. I am so moist and cold. That cottage there appears warm, possibly I can take refuge there.

The cottage belonged to an historical lady, who lived  with her tomcat and hen, who determined the duckling the subsequent morning.

-Cluck cluck, meow meow What is going on here?

-Why are you making so tons noise?

-What is this we have here?

Looks like a duck, although a very unsightly one. I comprehend what I will do. I will maintain it wi

th me and wait for it to lay eggs. Then I will have eggs from my bird and from this duck too. Ah, however I do hope this is a duck and now not a drake. So the unsightly duckling stayed with the historic female in her cottage. But right here also, the tomcat and the bird made its lifestyles so miserable!

-Hey you, don’t you get scared when you see your face in the mirror?

Look at me. My coat is so silky. Look at my whiskers, so lengthy and beautiful. The mistress says my stroll is so graceful. You are such a loser. You can't even lay an egg! Look at my eggs, such beautiful huge and brown ones.

The unpleasant duckling persisted to be lonely. He would take a seat in the front of the window searching at the small pond outside. How I desire I ought to swim in that pond. It used to be so quality when I swam in the cool water returned home.

-Are you mad? The mistress is now not going to let you go. You have a secure house, what extra do you want? Behave your self and don’t anger the mistress, the cat, or even me. Want to swim, indeed! The unpleasant duckling felt very, very sad, thinking what to do.

I understand this area is safe, however I sense like a prisoner here, being punished via no longer being allowed to swim. I favor to swim – I choose to be free to swim and fly as I please. I have to get away from right here somehow. So one night, the duckling quietly crept out of the cottage and went in search of a new home. Soon he discovered a lovely lake the place he should swim and dive.

Ahhhhh! (Splash) This is such a beautiful place. It feels so right to swim after so long. I hope the different animals and birds right here are pleasant so I don’t have to go away from right here also. But alas, right here too the different animals did no longer choose to be buddies with the unpleasant duckling.

-Why does anybody hold warding off me? Just due to the fact I am ugly, it doesn’t imply every body has to be mean! No one needs to play with me or even speak to me! So existence persisted in this miserabke way for the unpleasant duckling. Soon, the seasons changed.

Autumn set in, and the coloration of the leaves modified from pink to orange and then gold. Winter followed. The woodland grew to become white, and a very bloodless wind set in. The darkish clouds made the duckling feeling even greater gloomy and sad, so the duckling determined to go to the lakeside. And what a stunning sight he noticed there!

-What are these lovely birds?

-I don’t assume I have considered them before.

-How superbly they unfold their massive wings! It appears like they are no longer flying however simply gliding thru the sky.

Though the iciness grew less warm and colder, the duckling persisted to swim no matter the freezing water, and then sooner or later took refuge in some bushes. Finally, it was once spring again. Plants began sprouting and the solar peeped down from the sky.

The duckling was once so completely satisfied that it used to be turning into heat again. Everything round me has emerge as so beautiful. My wings have additionally grow to be sturdy and I can now swim in the pond shut by. Suddenly, the duckling as soon as once more noticed the identical stunning birds that he had considered at the begin of spring, and rapidly ran and hid in the back of some bushes.

Those birds are so beautiful. I higher now not go close to them, or they too will make exciting of me. I am so scared that they may even kill me! I am so worn-out of being picked on by means of everybody, first the ducklings at the farm, my personal brothers and sisters, the fowl and tomcat at the cottage, and all people else. I desire I had by no means been born! (Sob sob sob.) The duckling went to a quiet spot on the lake the place no one ought to see him. He was once very, very sad, and large fats tears rolled down its face. Suddenly, the duckling noticed its very own reflection in the lake, and couldn’t accept as true with its eyes! For staring at him in the clear water beneath used to be his personal reflection, no longer a dark, gray bird, unsightly and repulsive to appear at. Instead, he had became into a swish and lovely swan.

The unsightly duckling had changed into a lovely swan!! All the different swans got here to greet the newcomer, and stroked his neck with their beaks. Finally, the unsightly little issue used to be time-honored and cherished via his new friends, to whom he belonged, the lovely and sleek swans. A household with two youngsters got here to see the swans swimming.

Look, there is a new one. Father, mother, come here, there is any other swan. A new one has arrived.” The new one is the most stunning of all. Oh, he is so younger and pretty! The swan did now not comprehend how to react to so tons praise. He felt shy and tried to conceal his face. After being mocked and taunted and bullied for so long, he couldn’t accept as true with he used to be being favored and accepted! And he used to be really being known as beautiful! I by no means dreamt that I would see a day when anybody would name me beautiful! I desire I had acquired the equal love and affection when I used to be the little and unpleasant creature, I wouldn’t have spent such a unhappy childhood. Why do humans deal with others in accordance to their looks? That is so, so sad!