The Story of the Cocky Peacock

First of all, we say that the peacock is famous for its beauty, vanity, and ego, and let's get to know the story of the cocky peacock. It says that he's standing in front of the mirror, watching himself, thinking another peacock is imitating his movements, he's blowing his feathers in an attempt to tease the peacock in front of him.

The Story of the Cocky Peacock

Peacock Looks in the Mirror

In the view of the peacock in front of him in the mirror, he did the same, and he went out to complain to the judge in the woods. The peacock was fooled by the wolf's words, and he told him about the other peacock he saw in the mirror in his house, so the wolf took the opportunity and told him not to grieve, my friend. You're the most beautiful peacock I've seen, and no one else can be in your beauty.

And I'll see them home, and the stupid peacock pointed at the woman standing in front of her, and he's blowing his feathers, and the woman's moving his movements and mimicking her, and he smiles at the wolf, and he tells the fool peacock/I'll comfort you from this cocky peacock so he won't bother you and grieve you again.

He thanked the wolf peacock for helping him and he didn't know the wolf was cunning and laughing at him.

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All of a sudden, the wolf attacked him. The peacock yelled. It's my flesh, my friend.

The wolf laughed and told him that you peacock was an idiot and an idiot. It was the woman who reflected your image and mimicked your movements, and that's a punishment for your stupidity, your foolishness, and your ego.

So the wolf pissed him off, and he ate him, and he said, "What's so beautiful about your flesh, you cocky peacock," I got tired of this delicious meal, so I could go home and rest, and then I'd be looking early in the morning for another delicious meal like a stupid peacock.