How do you treat children's jealousy?

There is no doubt that our children are the most precious and safe ones in this life. We must preserve and care for them. We must raise them in good manners and not hate others

How do you treat children's jealousy?

Contents of the subject
Educational errors that cause jealousy among children
Practices that help your child get rid of jealousy
Other factors to eliminate jealousy
Educational errors that cause jealousy among children
Children's jealousy is formed by miseducation by parents who develop a sense of jealousy among children.

Excessive protection:
The constant and excessive protection of the child and the sudden abandonment of the child to self-reliance cause the child to have no self-confidence and cannot be self-reliant and will therefore feel aggressive and jealous.

Pampering the Child:
The jealousy of the child begins as a result of the overprotective of his parents because he feels that he is the best and when he deals with another child or meets his friends and sees someone stronger than him, he feels insecure and distrustful of himself, becomes the other person as his enemy, and his feelings of jealousy begin.

Meeting all his demands:
The family provides all the needs of their children and meets all their demands, and they understand that they provide their own children's needs, so when the child asks their parents for something else and the father refuses to give him what he wants, the child feels depressed( Panic-Away) and jealous when he doesn't get what he wants.

Excessive control:
Many parents are at fault for controlling their children to protect them or fear them. The father lays down strict laws and rules without explaining the reasons, ( child-parents-relation ) causing the child to grow with distrust and jealousy towards others.

Repeated frustration:
When there is a situation in which the child is not accepted by the parents, the parents begin to deal harshly with the child and notify him or her of repeated failures and ridicule him or her, and thus the child is always born of jealousy.

Jealousy of the newborn:
When a new child comes to the family, the mother and the family start to take care of him or her and fail the older child and not give him or her enough time to play with him or her and that's how the child is born except for him or her.

Practices that help your child get rid of jealousy:
Failure to compare a child with a brother or other child
To avoid comparing a child to one of his brothers or friends, and to be careful not to show his weaknesses and distinguish others from him, and that he has no right to compete with them, this will generate an impulse of jealousy.

Constantly motivating and encouraging children:
The constant praise of the child and the indulgence of his/her self-confidence and his/her constant encouragement for success and excellence( the-easiest-way-to-motivate-a-child-to-learn), even if he/she fails sometimes, does not mean that he/she will always fail, but that he/she will seek to progress and succeed in the coming times and to pursue his/her goal and ambition.

It boosted the child's self-confidence.
If a child is facing problems such as bullying his friends in school because he has a physical disability or a formal defect, we must feel that he is loved by the family, ( strong-personality-for-child )  and this will not weaken love for him and must lead him to success and that this is not an impediment to him,(how to improve self confidence in a child? ) but must lead him to success, and that many human beings suffer from some physical or formal disabilities and have succeeded in their lives.

Stay away from child abuse when there's a newborn
When a newborn comes to the family, she devotes all her time to him and all the love and attention that your child will feel that your love has passed on to the newborn, and that's normal. You must not disobey your child because it will increase his jealousy, but rather make him kiss the newborn, hold his hand, help you with things that belong to the newborn, compliment him, thank him and urge him.

Non-discrimination between boys and girls
It's wrong to distinguish between a girl and a boy and not to care about a child at the expense of others who come with a gift for one child and another who doesn't talk to a child and who lets him sit alone. It helps me be jealous of your children and not love them.

Other factors to eliminate jealousy:
1. To meet the needs of a child who feels that he lacks love, affection, care, care, and gifts( 5-super-unique-and-good-birthday-gifts-for-kids) from time to time.
2. To instill in your child the love of his brothers and others and to grow up from a young age I have to avoid selfishness and love only for himself.
3. The child used to love to cooperate with others share and play with his brothers and friends and share his games. His own so he doesn't get used to( which-sport-should-i-choose-for-my-child ) the love of ownership and jealousy.
4. Paying the child to engage in the activities he loves with his friends and brothers.
5. To move away from physical violence, not to beat and not to insult the child in front of his friends and brothers because that would make him less and less embarrassed.
6. Turning child jealousy into positive points through child participation