What if You Fell Into a Black Hole???

a popular question what will happen if you fell into a black hole black holes are formed when a massive star reaches the end of its life and its core starts running out of fuel the core is no longer able to hold the star back resulting in its collapse this gives birth to a mini black hole with gravity running wild inside it the black hole starts eating up everything that's left of the star and it all happens in milliseconds even before the star can realize.

What if  You Fell Into a Black Hole???

what's happening to it it explodes with a tremendous amount of energy giving birth to a massive black hole therefore in simple words we can say that a black hole is formed when a star dies years of research have shown us that stuff that gets too close to a black hole gets sucked in because of the super humongous gravitational pull and as we know nothing can escape a black hole not even light which gave rise to an age-old question

what happens if you fall into a black hole so let us dive into it you see the boundary of a black hole is called event horizon once you cross this boundary there is no turning back as the velocity needed to escape from it exceeds the speed of light which is the speed limit of the cosmos and due to the tremendous increase in the gravitational force you will find yourself pulled towards the black hole faster and faster but what happens to you after that really depends on what kind of black hole you are moving towards yes there are two main classes of black holes we know so far first is the stellar mass black holes with three to thousands of times the sun's mass that is spread throughout a milky way galaxy and the others are super massive monsters weighing 100 thousand to billions of solar masses are found in the center of most big galaxies as included strangely enough the smaller black holes have more powerful gravitational forces than the larger ones so if someone finds themselves getting pulled into the smaller holes its strong gravitational force will stretch the person's body like an elastic band until they are ripped apart even before entering the event horizon but if you are fortunate to get engulfed by a super massive black hole you will be able to cross the event horizon and enter into it in one piece and unheard soon you'll find yourself free falling until you reach its point of singularity where density becomes infinite at this point you would get squashed and merged into it but the

scientist observing you from a distance will see an entirely different movie yes all they will see is you falling in slow motion getting frozen and eventually dimming away from existence and why is that well as we know black holes can warp space and time to such an extreme that inside the black hole's horizon space and time actually swap roles meaning at the event horizon time comes to a standstill while space moves forward so as the black hole doesn't follow our current law of physics it is impossible for us to look beyond it but who knows what's actually in there trim your time did you know the newly discovered black hole is about system in the star system hr6819 yes it's estimated to be about 4 times the mass of the sun and roughly 2 500 lighterscloser than the next black hole.